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Decent story with one MAJOR drawback.

The response to my prompt was good to a point. The prose seemed solid to a point, and the scenario is something I could see happening. The pairing isn't one I normally gravitate to very often, but I did put author's choice for pairing, and I have read the pairing in the past so I won't quibble. Now I said in a couple of the sentences 'to a point' and here's what that point is (and where I reveal what fandom this is):

The Doctor is called The Doctor. He is not called Ten, Nine, One, or whatever incarnation he is in at whatever point in his timeline a story is set in. Everybody calles him simply the Doctor or when it's his companions 'Doctor'. Jack, Rose, Martha, everybody calls him 'Doctor' or the Doctor (Donna calls him Spaceman, but that's her affectionate nickname for him. She also calls him Doctor most other times). I can buy (and have used) incarnation labelling if one is doing a multiple Doctor fic, however this wasn't the case and seeing 'Doctor' and 'Ten' for a single Doctor story really did throw me out of what overall was a decent story.

Like I said, a good intentioned fic with a major derailment.

*HEADDESK* Did it again! ARGH! Sorry folks, this was meant for fanficrants I think I'll just go and post this to the RIGHT comm. Again sorry folks.
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