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Because published != good.
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A community for ranting about problems in published fiction.
This is a community for ranting about published original fiction. This is not a community where you can come to tell us that you think Anne Rice sucks, or that Orson Scott Card is a better Sci-Fi writer than Ray Bradbury (or vice versa), or where you can complain about fanfiction (published or non), because there is already a community for that. This is where you can tell us that you think Anne Rice ought to let the editors take a look at her books before she has them published, or that maybe Orson Scott Card could give us a little more character detail, or things of that nature. You can also rant about general things that apply to all fiction, or to certain genres of fiction, rather than particular writers.

GROUND RULES (we don't have many; don't make us add more):

1. Don't be rude. Feel free to debate, just don't turn it into a mud-slinging fest.
2. Don't delete comments or posts. It'll get you banned.
3. As stated in the bio, rant about why the author is doing something wrong, not that the author is doing something wrong by existing. Feel free to name names, just don't make posts akin to "Mercedes Lackey sucks! Because she does!"
4. Put all spoilers behind a cut and warn for them, no matter how old the book in question is. Failure to do so is grounds for bannination.

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