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Dear Douglas Coupland,

I enjoyed the TV show that was based on your book, so I figured I'd check it out. The main story is entertaining and fairly solid, and I like some aspects of it even better than the show.

But the gimmick page-fillers can get tiresome, like the eighteen pages of prime numbers between 10,000 and 100,000 (and one non-prime). Or the list of all the three-letter words which are legal in Scrabble. Or the 23 pages of decimals of Pi. Or the 24 pages of random numbers . . .

Also the self-insert. I know you're not the first to write yourself into your own novel. But you wrote your characters as fans of everything you've ever written, making references to previous works left and right, and then they met you flying first class to China where you were working on an article for Wired that I'm thinking you never actually heard any feedback on (if this wasn't entirely made up).

Your publisher wanted you to write something over 100 pages longer than the initial novel, I'm guessing . . . but there are much better ways of making up for the missing page count.
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