Jimmy the Gothic Egg (psychodeathwish) wrote in fictionrants,
Jimmy the Gothic Egg

You know what, Stephanie Meyer...

The Host is actually a pretty decent step up from Twilight. I'm not too far into it, but there seems to be the workings of an actual plot introduced fairly smoothly into the story. Wanderer annoys the crap out of me, but I enjoy her struggle with Melanie, and the few paragraphs where it was written in "we" perspective, I thought that was pretty neat. However...

Just because you tell me this is how she feels doesn't mean I have to believe it. We are inside the mind of the Wanderer. It's first-person, so if she thinks it, we get to see it. Melanie magically telling us that she's totally in love with Jared all on her own does not prove to me that she is. We need character developement, SMeyer. You did well when she met up with Jamie again (I actually felt really bad for both of them and wanted something to happen), but once again you fall flat when involved in romance.

This does give me hope for the fourth Twilight book, though not much.
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